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Sunday, April 17, 2011

I was out of town for a few days...

My kids both participate in Odyssey of the Mind. I am the coach for my son's team. This weekend both kids competed at the State tournament. We had a wonderful time. Our team took first place and we are advancing to the Worlds competition.
I am working extra hard to make sure I can keep up with my daily posts.
Last week was tough.
Our dog was put to sleep.
I miss her.

Thanks for understanding. I will continue to attempt my daily postings. 


Sheri said...

You have been in my prayers this week. Thrilled about the kids and Odyssey, hurting for you about the dog. Be kind to your self and take the time you need. We'll still be here when you're back up to speed.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Oh Girl! Don't worry about your daily posts. I love your daily inspiration, but honestly, sometimes life just speeds up and takes you along with it! Congratulations to y'all on your win! That sounds like a great program! When is the World Competition? I'm sorry to hear about losing your dog. They are so much a part of our lives. I hope that you will soon be able to look back and smile at the wonderful memories. Take care of yourself.

Kris Van Allen said...

Sheri, you said everything I wanted to. Big hugs for you, Joanie!

Scrappin K said...

So sorry last week was tough .... saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy, but I'm so proud of the kids winning their competition! Woo Hoo. Please just know that we missed you, but all of us understand that life can certainly run away with us from time to time. Take care and know that we're here to help in any way.


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