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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tag #6

One time, while on retreat, I spent 10 hours on a card. It was a nothing special card, but I was stumped.  I kept at it and after so much time, all I think about that card is BLAH!
That is how I feel about this tag. I worked on it for 3 days. Not all day, of course, but way too much time. Blah. It is just too much of everything. I do like the winter wonderland banner -that is my favorite part. This was a "Jim Shultz" inspired tag. Today he might be glad I am not using his real name...LOL!


Caroline said...

You are too hard on yourself, it's great, I love this tag!!

Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

No blah's wonderful! Love the collage effects you have going on and the colors. The only thing slighly disconnected I can see are the buttons and that's more about the color and style than the idea. If it shows this well in a photo I'm betting the in person effect is even better.

madameplushbottom said...

I think you did a great job on your tag. Can definitely see your inspiration source and quite frankly, trying to do this style with SU products can feel clumsy since SU is designed to be so neat and lovely. I love doing things "messy" like this. So much so that I accidentally mod-podged my couch last night. Great tag Joanie.

Joan Robertson said... made me laugh out loud with your mod-podged sofa....thanks for leaving comments, I really appreciate hearing from you :-)

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