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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Late Night Card

I have a dear friend, Jeanne, who is partially responsible for me becoming a demonstrator.
She has been telling me for some time that I should be making card class kits to sell to other demonstrators. I kept telling her that I could create them, but the PDF's would send me to an early grave. Flash forward... and Jeanne joined my team (yea!!!!) and said, let's team up and make some card class kits.
So this weekend we did.
I pre-ordered a bunch of stuff from the new catalog and we make 6 card class kits.
Late, late night one evening I was struggling with the last card for a kit. 
I made something.... I got the head shake (no)
I re-worked it.... head shake (no)
I added some ribbon ..... head shake (no)
I removed the ribbon and added a different layer .... head shake (no)

8 layers and 6 attempts.... Just.Say.No. :-)

This is the rejected card from one of the card class kits.

You can see Jeanne's new blog .... HERE


Heather North said...

Why is this a "no"? I like it. :)

P.S. Welcome to the team Jeanne.

Joan Robertson said...

I like it too, but it didn't work well with the three other cards in the set. :-)

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