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Sunday, July 22, 2012

All good things have to come to an end....

Karen and Jeanne outside the convention center - it was a beautiful day!

This is Joann Ricardi. I met her in class and after in the gathering place.
We chatted for some time and eventually I asked her my burning question...
Are you ever called "Joan" rather than "Joann"?
I explained that I am frequently called Joann Robinson rather than my name which is Joan Robertson.
She laughed and said she gets "Joan Ricardo" LOL
We shared our frustration and I had to laugh.
She was sweet. :-)

My favorite new friend.
You will see her again in my video once I get home and edit the whole thing.
Don't worry it has tons of SU stuff not just personal friends and hanging out.

We were given (and we purchased) so much stuff that we went in search of a bigger suitcase for Karen.
Yup, had to buy a big suitcase to bring home all the loot. :-)

I guess in every city you can find some odd thing that they do that you have never seen before.
This was it for me.
These signs are not at intersections but mid-way on a block and people just walk out.
I witnessed several cars slamming on their breaks to make sure they don't hit these folks.
It was strange... and a bit scary, too.

For now, I am killing time until my plane leaves and I return home.
My friends left early and I am alone.
It has been a great 1st convention.
I am looking forward to Leadership!


Natalie Kennedy said...

I saw those flags a few years ago. People grab one and wave it while crossing the street. I didn't see anyone using them this year. Maybe they're all over them by now?

I believe I met Holly as well! She was super nice!

Amanda said...

I can't believe Jeanne and Karen left you! How rude. jk
Have a safe trip home. I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip.

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