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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Tip

Before I post a picture of today's card, I think it requires a little bit of a back-story.
I have a ton of pictures I have saved over the years for inspiration. When I am not feeling inspired I go through these saved images or I start blog hopping. I am not sure where the card came from that I used for inspiration but I have to say this, IT WAS ADORABLE. What I am about to share with you is not.

something went terribly wrong in my card....

Tuesday's Tip: Sometimes you just have to make the ugly card.

I feared as I worked on this card that my creative juices were gone, dried up like an old well. I pushed through and finished the ugly card and went on to create 8 other cards that I liked. Whew!

Okay... here it is.... no laughing -

okay and since you have had to look at this sad little card, I will throw in another tip... Two-fer-Tuesday (two  tips that is )
I USUALLY try to figure out what it is I am responding to in a card I like. Is it the colors? Is it the layout? Is it the sentiment? Is it the layers? Or a combination of any of them.

In this case the original card was done in bright yellows and a touch of red. It was so cute.
I didn't have any bright yellow ribbon or buttons, so I went with what I had. And since I was toning down the yellow, I thought I should bring down the red to a bright pink.
Sometimes this is the only way to figure out what it is you love about a card.

Just remember next time you create something that leaves you less than thrilled, push on through it.
Keep making cards. You will find your mojo again.


Karen said...

You're too funny...that is one heavy card! I've made many of the "ugly cards" but I'm not brave enough to post're cool like that.
~Karen (sterling scrapper)

Amanda said...

Wow. That's one ugly card, Joan. I love that you kept it and managed to get something good out of it, though. The power of positive thinking, I guess. :)

Alli Link said...

Just seeing this were's not a pretty card. But I LOVE that you shared it makes me feel SO MUCH better! It's true...sometimes you just have to 'work thru' a card and then you get your mojo back. There are quite a few good techniques and ideas in this card...some of which I will be using...but not all in the same card. :D

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