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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday... Organize

My friends all know that I am not a tidy and organized person when it comes to the creative process.
I am a mess, in fact.
This Wednesday feature is an attempt on my part, to improve.
If you are already neat and tidy and organized like Martha Stewart, you may not find this particular entry helpful.
But, if you are a bit of a messy marvin (like me) perhaps you will find some of these entries helpful.
Please feel free to leave some of your own tips and tricks for keeping organized.

My first tip is right up there in the picture ^^^^^^^^^^^^
I love these jars for keeping my buttons sorted and in sight. These little jars can be purchased at
Michaels in the beading aisle. They come in sets of 12 jars.  Thanks to my friend, Kris, she picked up two packs for me and I just love how it looks on the shelf. They are easy to transport if you are going to a retreat or a long crafting weekend. They never spill and are always easy to see.
Love this!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting :-)


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