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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Step It UP! Saturday #61

These cards were inspired by a card by Carrie Gaskin. I used different colors and different stamps. I tweaked some of the details but it is clearly inspired by her card.
I had a great video to go along with it.
but it seems I am having a Charlie Brown day.
You know those days where it isn't any big thing going wrong, but every single little thing, that is a Charlie Brown day.
The video I shot earlier this week, and plays fine for me, won't upload. 
It says the files are corrupted. 
I didn't NOT want to post, but I can't get the video published.
Wish me better luck with the rest of my day :-) 


Ann said...

Love these cards! The embossing of the top note die looks great. I need to give this one a try. Hope the day goes better!

Amanda said...

Your cards are beautiful. The last one is my favorite. There's something about the color combinations in that one that really speaks to me. I do hope your day improves and that no one pulls the football out from under you.

Kris Van Allen said...

I'm glad you were still able to share the cards! Sorry you are having one of those days.....maybe get some chocolate and spend time surfing Pinterest....

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