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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I don't blog hop very often. I don't usually have the time to go searching blogs for inspiration. I found myself doing this the other day and found an amazing artist, Teneale Williams. She is in Australia and is a Stampin UP demo.
Her cards are amazing and her entries don't really explain what or how she does it, so I had to try to CASE a couple of her cards, just for the challenge of re-creating them.
Here is today's attempt.
Coloring this was fun and I love the effect of painting the background after I colored the flowers.


Kris Van Allen said...

Omg you are so talented! Just stunning card.

Scrappin K said...

Stunning! I love your work more every day.

Teneale Williams said...

Great card, good point about how I don't write how I did things, I will try to do that a little more. Your work is just wonderful.


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