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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Organize

I have said from the onset that I am a mess in my craft room. I cannot stand mess and clutter in the other rooms of the house, but the craft room never seems to be orderly even after I clean it up.

I snapped a picture of the what the room looks like as I sit here working on my blog entries...

These shelves are behind me and I pull everything down so I can roll back and grab it while I am making cards.
And you had a sneak peek at my desk but here is a view of it...
and yes, seriously, I work at this desk...

I guess it won't be hard for you to believe that I have ordered two Night of Navy markers, two Tempting Turquoise markers... Chocolate Chip and Sahara Sand too.
I have even ordered the same stamp set twice.

All because I didn't know exactly what I already had.
My organizational tip for today ... know what you have.
Make sure you have a list of things you already own and a wish list of things you want to purchase.
There are spreadsheets out there on the world wide web that wonderfully organized women have made.
I am pretty sure I have seen them on
It doesn't matter how you do it, just be sure you have the information at your fingertips.

Take stock and know what you have.

Thanks for stopping by and looking :-)


Kris said...

I've started keeping a 'Punch Reference'... I take cheap old paper (that is not white) and punch the shape or edge of any new punch I have, and stick it down onto white copy paper, slid into a page protector. it's helped when I want to sit with the catalog and remember what I have and how big things are (esp if they are "pre-SU!"

Joan said...

GOOD tip Kris!

Amanda said...

I get my kids to help me with cataloging my stuff. For example, Claire read off all the names of my Stampin' Up sets while I entered them in the computer. I'm not very comfortable with spreadsheets, so I just put my list in a basic word processing program and alphabetized it. That way I can use it as a reference before making purchases.

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