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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Organize

Last week, I showed you my mess and suggested that everyone should take stock and know what supplies they have.
This week, find a system.
As I showed you, I am a mess when making cards. A MESS. I haven't found a system that works well for everything yet.
But my cardstock, I have a system and it is perfect -for me.
I needed something that I could easily take with me, keep my paper neat, and protected.
It also had to work for me at home as well.
I use accordian folders - heavy plastic one - so they can take the wear and tear of retreats.

I have one for each color family and one for retired colors and scraps.

Because there are 12 slots I use the last two for in-colors

I would love to hear about your methods of organization...

Thanks for stopping by and looking :-)


Kris said...

I have always loved the way you keep your paper! So with the In Colors, do you have them split up among the different accordions? Have you ever used swatches in the tabs, or do you have swatches somewhere else?

TracyC1 said...

Do those files hold the 12x12 paper, plus the papers with the extra 1/2" on them?

Joan said...

Hi Tracy, I only have 8.5"x11" paper. I think the 12x12 paper would get a bit of crunch if you closed it for travel.

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