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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Scrapbooking

This is my sweet daughter, Abigail.
She is such a blessing and a joy.
I downloaded MDS2+ last night and this is my first page made with MDS2+
It is soooooooo much easier to use and it really makes creating a page FUN!

Yesterday I had all sorts of plans to get my work done and post what I needed to...
My children were supposed to perform at a BBQ Cook Off with their Music School.
Who has a BBQ Cook Off in the hottest month of the year?
With 200 participants (all with HUGE BBQs going) I am sure it was 138 degrees outside.
The time got moved from 12n till 1:00
Which ended up closer to 2
I couldn't move when I got home around 3.
The heat!
I asked husband to take pictures of the kids...
next time I will be more specific...
Take at least 25 pictures of each child
rather that 2 pictures...
but okay...

Samuel is switching from piano to violin this week.
This was his last piano gig :-)

Abigail did a good job. She plays so beautifully and she practices without
being asked!

It was so hot outside that a lady standing next to me said her iphone stopped working
it said it needed to cool off.

I have some fun stuff planned this week. I promise to stay on top of posting ;-)


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