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Friday, August 24, 2012

What is going on?

I am on the PTO at my oldest son's school.
The teacher's lounge is a bit in need of a makeover.
We wanted to give them a fresh new room - but our budget was tiny.
This is decorating on a dime AND it is a work in progress.
Above is the wall to the right as you enter the room (Before)
Below is how it looks now (After)

See that wreath? All Stampin' Up! paper.
It was very easy to make, but a little time consuming. 
The mirrors were $4.50 each and I am so pleased with how they fill up the empty wall.

The two pictures above are BEFORE
The entertainment unit shares the wall with the new entry table
just at the other end of the room

Below are the AFTER pictures of the same areas
We gathered many of the items that were floating on a large wall from before
and gathered them in one space.
They hang just to the left of the entertainment center
We painted the far wall green (it is photographing a bit brighter than
it actually is. It doesn't glow in real life)
We moved the window treatment to the ceiling line,
which gives more light and brings the window in scale with the room.
My son took the bench and removed the fabric and cushions,
re-assembled and painted it black- for a coffee table  

The picture on this wall is all SU paper on a thrift store canvas.
I started with First Edition DSP, added some gesso
 and added several other DSP in the petals 
The black "frame" was painted on the wall


Next is the wall space just to the left of the door pictured above
I am doing some hand lettered word are to encourage our teachers
This is my project for today.


This is the area I am still working on
We tidied up, cleaned and re-organized the cupboards,
moved the microwave from the cart to the counter
moved the trash can to the empty space
I have two canvases that I will do something to, and they
will hang over the sink
We will add some plants to this room.
We will do something to the cabinet tops and something on top of the refrigerator 
(we don't want them to become storage spaces)


We will be adding a few things to the little shelves over the coffee area
Not much we could do here but we are hoping to make it 
neater, more organized and user friendly.

So there you have it.
My business is wayyyyyyy down this month. 
I didn't want to spend my time fretting about what can I do,
so I decided to give back.
Giving a little something to a group that works so hard
and isn't always given the appreciation they deserve- was a good use for my creative energy.
The teacher lounge make-over won't change any lives, but we hope
they will feel the love and know they have a space that reflects that appreciation.
Have a super weekend!!! 


Heather North said...

I think what you have done here is amazing! What a nice way to make the teacher's feel appreciated.

Sheri Skains said...

You never know what affect your actions may have on someone else. You just might have a teacher who feels very unappreciated and who unknowingly passes that attitude on to her students. Now her mornings will start in a room where it's obvious that SOMEONE cares. SOMEONE took the time to show some appreciation. Now, she may feel just a little bit better and she just may pass THAT attitude on to her students.

Don't ever underestimate your ability to affect change. You can and YOU DO.

MarvA1ix said...

There is nothing like a face-lift to add new life. You will add a little love, but get a big payback, just because the teachers will feel a little bit more appreciated. Just having something pleasant, iteresting, and new makes that space better. And, who know, maybe somebody that enters that room will think "I want to do that! I want to make something like that!" And, they will be turning to you :)

MarvA1ix said...

PS. The big flower in the frame made out of petals is what inspired me to say "I want to make that!" I love it.

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